ALLCAPS 2017 Call for Submissions


Type has always been in the forefront of resistance, from posters in protests, flyers for recruitment, and even subversive advertising.

Type is political.
Protest posters. Recruitment Flyers. Internet Memes. Subversive Ads. Hashtags.

But Type is also...
Emotional. Eye Catching. Loud. Powerful. Image. Memorable.

And Type is Not Just...

This year designers will resist the temptation of everyday conventions of words on a page and pixels on a screen. They will resist the pressure to conform to monolithic societal views, expectations and restrictions. And they will resist the impulse to become anything other than who they are.

Type is Resistance

What are you resisting?


Accepting print, digital (video and static), 3D builds or sculpture (disclose material, wood, metal, paper, baked good, etc.)

The theme is "Resist" designers can potray any aspect from world views to personal temptations to labels.

Finalists will be determined by a jury of three, to be announced soon.

Make sure to follow our Facebook Event for convenient updates.


Sunday, September 17 (@midnight)

Finalists will be announced Monday, September 25


  1. Click on "Tickets" and purchase

  2. Complete checkout but remember to hold onto your Order#.

  3. Email .PDF (See Submission Guidelines below)


Each entrant can submit up to 3 pieces.

(Series will be counted as one piece but will be judged on its strength as a whole)

Submissions should include the following in a .PDF submitted to

  1. Images of work. We will accept links as well. Include dimensions of pieces.
    (Final piece must fit through single door)

  2. An Artist's Statement per piece submitted.

  3. Order # to confirm entry.


$5 / Entrant (+$1.12 in Fees & Taxes)

When & Where
Sun, Sep 17, 2017
Currently Registered