Fifth Dimension — User Perspective workshop

BitMethod’s User Experience and Interface Designer, Amanda Morrow showed over 25 attendees the methods of UXD that can be applied to any design project. This hands-on workshop had everyone first divide into dog, cat or turtle people.



Amanda then assigned the project of CatCon DSM (yes, this exists in other cities!!). To get to know the project user, dog-lovers talked with the cat-lovers to learn about their personalities, motivations, etc so that as a group a CatCon persona could be created. With pre-created persona, small groups began card sorting to create a homepage for their end user. Several different scenarios were given and then discussed as a group. With multiple methods for designing the best experience for the user, attendees were able to find one that best fit them. Closing tip included the following: Design, test, design, test, repeat, and keep repeating.

Thanks to Amanda for your fun and insightful UX workshop. Also, thank you Grand View University for the use of your classroom and media equipment for this event.

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By admin
Published March 5, 2015