Third and final Dimensions workshop

In our third and final workshop, Candace Camling, a freelance illustrator, guided attendees in the Second Dimension — the Linear Perspective through illustration. The group was first asked to list personal characteristics that they’ve ever felt stereotyped or marginalized for. With that list, a more elaborated list was created of those that had the biggest impact. Then they sketched an exaggerated version of each as thumbnails. A final more elaborated illustration was created based on one of the thumbnails then presented and discussed as a group.

Secondly, the attendees delved even deeper to answer questions like, what makes you happy, what annoys you most, where you are the happiest, etc. In small groups, symbols, pictures, etc were brainstormed for each person. More thumbnails were sketched and then a final illustration was produced and again presented and discussed with the larger group. These processes really helped attendees to translate their personal truths and passions into visual storytelling in a more conceptual manner. You can view some of these sketches.

Thank you to the Des Moines Art Center for the use of their studio space for this event.

By admin
Published April 23, 2015