Artist Spotlight: Stephen Hammer

Tell us about yourself.
I am passionate about the outdoors, travel, friends and creative inspirations. I have a passion for art in all its creative media’s. From Canvas Painting, to Airbrush to Digital Artistry and Layout Design, I thrive on the unique and artistic nature of life.

When did you realize being an artist was something you had a passion for?
From the time I was a kid I was always creating something or exploring new places. Though, I’ve only recently discovered my passion for painting, airbrush, and Digital Art.

Where do you draw your creativity from?
My inspiration comes mostly from nature and the unique individuals I’m around. I also grab inspiration from internet designers and local companies. AIGA Detours, and other events also help me connect to new sources.

What are you most proud of?
I’ve overcome many obstacles in my 33 years of living. After being only a “C” student back in high school, being offered the opportunity to become a 3.5 gpa student at Des Moines Area Community College has really chaged my life. Equally, if it wasn’t for the support of my wife Amy, I won’t have ever opened my creativity to enter into a Graphic Design Career.

Besides being creative, what else do you do in your free time?
I absolutely love the Outdoors. Camping, Kayaking, fishing, and running a group of 540 members for local fishing enthusiasts, bringing more people back to nature and getting kids into the elements and teaching basic survival skills.

Where can we find your work & support you?
I currently have work posted on, and on Facebook. In addition, I share a page of items my wife and I create and sell at the local farmers market and vendor shows. Currently available custom work on Elm Street Craft Co., also on Facebook.

By admin
Published February 27, 2018