ALL CAPS Typography Show 2016

AIGA Iowa Design Week 2016 is starting with AIGA Iowa's First Annual Typography Show, ALLCAPS, at Moxie. Opening Night is October 1st with a performance by MAIDS!


ALL CAPS is a typography show that brings type to the forefront. Using type not only as a letter or for information but as image; image created from different mediums to create a piece that is not only thought provoking but immersive. ALL CAPS is to demonstrate the power, beauty and the importance of typography and how it’s awesome; showing pieces that bring awareness to personal expressions and beliefs, social issues, symbolism and the type-form itself.

Panel of Judges

Heather Hansen | MIDWESTIX
Heather has been a part of growing the creative communities and supporting entrepreneurs for 15 years. While still in her mid-20s she started Swaelu Media, a marketing and web development company in 2000, with Kathryn. Realizing that their hometown, Des Moines, Iowa needed a serious cultural renaissance and the world, in general, needed a ticketing company that put the community first, they applied their creative and technological resources to found MIDWESTIX. MIDWESTIX provides event marketing and services to clients across the upper Midwest, including some of Iowa biggest events like the Des Moines Arts Festival (2013), Clay County Fair in Spencer Iowa, River Roots Live in Davenport and 80/35 in Des Moines.

John Anderson | Designer | Flying Hippo 
John Anderson is a graphic/web designer living in Des Moines and working at Flying Hippo Brand + Digital (aka PUSH). After graduating from Iowa State he moved to Illinois to design UI for video games, but has since found his way home.

He also makes 80s music using giant modular synthesizers, plays overly-complicated board games and is a brand new dad.

Paula Curran | Associate Professor of Graphic Design | Iowa State University 
Paula Curran has been teaching graphic design at Iowa State University for over 20 years. She earned an MFA degree from the University of illinois at Urbana Champaign. Previously, she managed the Signs program for 409 stations at the New York City Transit Authority. Her award winning work has been published in How, Print Regional Design Annual, and several books. Her artist book, "Me & Jackie O" is in the special collections division of several university libraries.

ALLCAPS Finalists

Amy M. Alexander | Quentin Bangston | Michael Blair | Jenna Boures | Bernard Canniffe | Matt Cavanah | Ann Kennedy | Sarah McCoy | Wei-en Yang | Paige Winters 

When & Where
Sat, Oct 1, 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT
505 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309