Alex Braidwood
Education Director

Alex Braidwood (Education Director):

Why did you first join AIGA, and why do you continue to support AIGA?

I first joined AIGA to be part of the broader design community. I continue to support AIGA Iowa as part of the board because I felt there were things I could contribute based on my interests in and perspectives on design. AIGA Iowa provides amazing opportunities to network with, learn from, and be inspired by some great people doing great work here in Iowa and I wanted to be a part of that.


What are you aiming to achieve as a board member?

As Education Director, I intend to build and maintain a connection between the AIGA Iowa chapter professionals and the educational programs throughout the state. This affords me the opportunity to connect students to the profession in a new way and help the profession better understand how they can support the various design education programs.


What type(s) of work do you do?

I mostly work on media design, branding, and sound art projects. I develop interactive installations based on either sounds that I have recorded from a variety of urban and natural environments or audio created from the sonification of scientific data.


You can find out about my work on my website:

and follow me on social media: Instagram @listeninginstruments


Tips for new and/or prospective AIGA members?

Come to the low pressure social events and follow AIGA Iowa on social media. It’s a great way to meet people and keep up with all the amazing upcoming programming. Everyone is here because they love what they do. It’s more than a job and we all want to talk about it. Introduce yourself to me and tell me about where you got your degree. I’d love to hear about your education experience whether it was in Iowa or not.