Claire Sedovic
Programming Director & Treasurer

Claire Sedovic (Programming Director & Treasurer):

Why did you first join AIGA, and why do you continue to support AIGA?

I first joined AIGA as a student at Drake University and after graduating jumped at the chance to become more involved as a board member. I continue to support AIGA because it’s played a vital role in my development as an artist and designer and I want to extend those same opportunities for growth and self-discovery to other creatives seeking their unique place in the art and design community.


What are you aiming to achieve as a board member?

As Programming Director I hope to expand AIGA Iowa’s reach with more diverse programs that speak to people across all socioeconomic backgrounds, locations, and interests. I want to plan unique events that make people think about design in new ways and connect our members with people and places they might not otherwise engage with. And finally, as Treasurer I want to do everything I can to make our events affordable for everyone regardless of whether you are a full time employee, freelancer, or novice designer.


What type(s) of work do you do?

From 9 to 5 I am a graphic designer at a content marketing agency, but I continue make time for my real passion, illustration. Since graduating college I’ve developed a love for watercolor and am currently in the middle of a couple children’s book concepts. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my designs as cards and prints, and this past year I have begun to show my work at local art fairs.


You can check out my work at

Follow me on Instagram @clairesedovic and @StudioCDesignCo

Or shop my Etsy store at


Tips for new and/or prospective AIGA members?

Get involved! And if you’d rather dip your toe in first than jump right into a larger event, join us for one of our monthly social meet-ups. You’re bound to meet both seasoned AIGA members as well as new designers testing the waters just like you. If anything, follow AIGA Iowa on social media to find out what we’re up to!