Doug Choi
Operations Director

Doug Choi (Operations Director):

Why did you first join AIGA, and why do you continue to support AIGA?

I joined AIGA out of curiosity at first. Just figured I’d join up and see what it had to offer. I support it now because design is still often seen as a purely visual and subjective discipline even though there’s so much more to it than that. AIGA is one of the organizations that advocates for a broader and more accurate view of design and its impact.


What are you aiming to achieve as a board member?

I’d like to help build a tighter community between designers. There are a lot of designers out there doing all kinds of different work but it’s easy for a lot of us to feel isolated. We’re out there, running into some of the same problems, and we can totally help each other out.


What type(s) of work do you do?

I lead the design team at Happy Medium where we work on websites, identity systems, print materials, and more. We work with a support system that provides development, UX, social media strategy, media buying, and account services.


Tips for new and/or prospective AIGA members?

Be loud and vocal. Tell us what’s wrong and what’s right and we’ll steer the ship in the right direction.