Steph Ferguson
Strategy & Communications Director

Steph Ferguson (Strategy & Communications Director):

Why did you first join AIGA, and why do you continue to support AIGA?
I first joined AIGA after college, because my lovely friend Bri (now Secretary) was involved. They had a bunch of fabulous events and even though my degree isn’t in design, I definitely have a passion for it. I continue to support AIGA Iowa because it’s an organization for everyone who wants to encourage the betterment and awareness of great design. Over the years I’ve met so many people and created so many lasting friendships.


What are you aiming to achieve as a board member?
As the Strategy and Communications Director, I’m looking forward to creating a communications plan so all members of AIGA Iowa can feel up-to-date about our latest happenings. I’m excited to be involved in the planning and execution of the expansion of AIGA Iowa throughout the whole state, not just central Iowa. Iowa is full of fantastic designers and I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring.


What type(s) of work do you do?
I currently work as the digital coordinator for a non-profit in Des Moines. I create the social media plans for our accounts, update and create websites and occasionally a bit of design work for them.
We currently have a large public art project going on in Des Moines, as well. Check us out on Instagram: @artofcompassioniowa

Tips for new and/or prospective AIGA members?
Come join us at an event – that’s how I first got involved. Design Week is so much fun. You’ll quickly learn that we’re a really supportive group of people and we like to have fun. Check out our Facebook page to stay updated on all of our events!