Talya Miller
Eastern Iowa Director

Talya Miller(Eastern Iowa Director):

Why did you first join AIGA, and why do you continue to support AIGA?

I first joined AIGA when I was in college! I was looking for a creative community and professional development. What I’ve actually found is an organization full of amazing humans, who are dedicated to challenging and progressing the industry in thoughtful way. (Plus, I have found a community of creative across the U.S. who are constantly cheering each other on.)

What are you aiming to achieve as a board member?

My goal is to encourage and grow the design communities in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area. In IC/CR? Say, “Hi!” and let’s grab a coffee.

What type(s) of work do you do?

I design, create, and write — forever talking kindness, creative strategy and fat liberation.
I create a variety of digital illustrations that center fat and marginalized bodies. My work aims to appreciate and normalize body diversity while challenging societal expectations for the human body, specifically centering women, gender fluid, trans, and non-binary folks.
Additionally, I do a variety of work in the design field including branding, packaging design, and creative direction/consultation. I am passionate about ethical and accessible design, and working to create an inclusive industry.
Website: talyaelaine.com
Dribbble: dribbble.com/talyaelaine
Instagram: instagram.com/talya.elaine/

Tips for new and/or prospective AIGA members?

  1. Connect with other local and national AIGA members online- they’re a supportive group!
  2. Attend events. (I know we can be a bunch of introverts, myself included, but I promise its worth it.)
  3. Grab coffee will all kinds of creatives, not only graphic designers. Expanding your idea of design and creative work help you be a more thoughtful designer, and will help grow your network.