ColorFX is tri-certified as a FSC, SFI and PEFC vendor. They also have the ability to print your job completely carbon neutral with Carbon Neutral Print Productions (CNPP). They reuse leftover paper scraps. They use leftover ink and combine to make blacks. vegetable based inks, low VOC press washes, water based solvents, recycling waste papers and an air trimmer removal system.

At Garner, we are green.  We strive to reduce our environmental impact by recycling all paper waste, plates, boxes, pallets, and more.  What we use everyday can be recycled and reused for tomorrow.  Recycling not only benefits the environment but helps keep costs lower for print buyers.We also advocate selecting a recycled content paper.  There are many choices that cost the same or very close to regular stocks.  These include papers that contain 20 or 30% post-consumer content that’s bleached without harsh chemicals, alternative fiber papers, or 100% recycled papers.

Universal Printing is committed to protecting our natural resources.

  1. Recycling of scrap paper – MidAmerica Recycling has estimated that over the past 3 years Universal Printing has preserved over 2000 trees, over 800,000 gallons of water and over a half-million kilowatt hours of electricity through our on-going conservation and recycling efforts.
  2. Renewable inks – We use only soy-based, not petroleum-based, inks in our printing processes. This not only helps to preserve our environment and conserve our resources, but helps to support our Iowa farmers.
  3. Choices – We regularly test new recycled stocks to insure that they are suitable for our client’s projects without compromising quality. While recycled paper costs more, we are committed to offering options to our clients that help them become active participants in using our natural resources wisely.

The people at Universal Printing care about our environment and future generations. We hope you will consider green options when planning for your printing needs.