10 Biggest Myths of Sustainable Design
10 Biggest Myths of Sustainable Design is an article on the ten common falsities designers believe about paper and the web.

Design Backwards Approach
Design Backwards Approach is a whole system approach to design starting from a project’s ultimate destination and working backwards until you have arrived back at the design studio.

Design is the Problem
Design is the Problem is a book written to help designers take the unprecedented opportunity to use their skills to make meaningful, sustainable change in the world, by learning how to focus their skills, time and agendas. The book explains:
• breaks down what sustainability is
• goes over several of the leading frameworks and perspectives on sustainability
• explains how to insert sustainability into the development process that you’re already using
• gives you practical strategies that make the products, services and events you design and develop more sustainable—right now.

Re-nourish is an online tool advocating awareness and action for sustainable systems thinking in the communication design community.

Sustainable Products
GreenBlue focuses designing products from the start with sustainability and environmental life cycle in mind. They offer a variety of publications to aid in “Closing the Loop” on chemicals, packaging and forest products. Plus, you can purchase COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) software tool or work with their Advisory Services to have a packaging design assessment of the profile of your current packing or new packaging formats in order to identify opportunities for improvement. By improving the environmental life cycle of packaging locally we can cut down on waste, and create a more sustainable chain of production conserving water, energy and emissions.

Sustainability Textile Resources
Textile Exchange is committed to the responsible expansion of textile sustainability across the global textile chain, by protecting and restoring the environment and equipping people to accelerate sustainable practices. You can utilize their site to find manufacturers, retailers and professional services that abide by these guidelines along with many resources to help you become more informed.

The Living Principles
The Living Principles website is the place where we co-create, share and showcase best practices, tools, stories and ideas for enabling sustainable action across all design disciplines.