Paper Project Calculator
The Re-Nourish Project Calculator helps you minimize waste on any print project, reducing you environmental impact and saving your client money by using paper.

Paper Finder Tools

Celery Design Eco Tools
Celery Design Eco Tools link to resources they have developed for creating green design solutions and researching issues related to ecology and communications, including: the book Green Graphic Design, Ecological Guide to Paper and the Sustainability Scorecard.

Re-Nourish Paper Finder Tool
Re-Nourish Paper Finder Tool help narrow down great paper choices for your project from over 300 green and eco-friendly papers.

Green Printer Tools

Re-Nourish Green Printer Tool
Re-Nourish Green Printer Tool connects graphic designers with greener printers through inexpensive searchable database of printers who have taken the lead in sustainable printing.Sustainability Scorecard

Celery Design Sustainability Scorecard
Celery Design Sustainability Scorecard provides a framework for making smarter decisions about a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Living Principles Scorecard
Living Principles Scorecard makes it possible to easily rate the various aspects of design work according to the four Living Principles and their component concepts.

Sustainable Event Planning

Elysium Events

Sustainable Case Studies

Sustainable case studies are an overview of specific projects in the application of sustainability principles to the communication design practice.
Design Ignites Change
GDC Sustainable Design
Icograda IDA
Living Principles